Staco Energy Organizational Announcement - Changes in Personnel Responsibilities

TO: All Staco Energy Products Co. Employees
FROM: Jeff Hoffman
DATE: 09/30/14
SUBJECT: Organizational Announcement

As everyone is aware, I have been looking to fill the Director of Supply Chain and Lean position.  Unfortunately for various reasons it has been taking longer than anticipated.  I hope to have the position filled by the end of the year.  

I have been taking on this responsibility today; working with Ron Pilkington on cost savings projects and setting up a 5S team to begin our lean efforts on the plant floor.  However, I simply don’t have the time needed to assure that these projects get the adequate support required for success.  

Therefore, in the interim, Dan Barnes has accepted the role of leading these projects along with our quality efforts.   Reporting to Dan will be Ron Pilkington and Sam Sembhi.  Constance Winkler will continue to report to Ron.  This will work out well at this time as we are in the midst of updating our standard costs for 2015 and Ron plays a big role in this effort.  It also ties well to all of the cost reduction projects where Dan Barnes is already actively involved.

Your cooperation and assistance during this time will be greatly appreciated! This is effective immediately.


Jeff Hoffman