FirstLine BMS

Wireless 3G Battery Monitoring System.
Advanced wireless technology to provide complete real time status of your battery system.

Proactive real-time monitoring
The wireless Staco FirstLine® BMS Battery Monitoring System consists of a Data Collector on which information is displayed through curves and bar graphs on the FirstLine® BMS easy-to-read 6.4" LCD touch screen monitor; a Battery Measurement Kit for each battery cell to measure terminal voltage; a String Measurement Kit to measure total system voltage, current and battery string voltage; and a Power Supply. Also available are optional Hall Current Transformers and Temperature Sensors.

The system continuously monitors UPS batteries and provides real-time information, ensuring that batteries are ready when needed to support mission critical functions.This easy to install battery monitoring system measures and records critical elements including battery cell voltage,
battery string voltage, battery string current, battery room temperature, battery cell impedance, as well as battery terminal temperature.

Armed with this critical battery status information, managers can ensure that capacity conditions are continually met as well as the permanent availability of high quality energy. Because it is wireless, the FirstLine® BMS easily integrates into existing applications and can be installed in half the time with less cost than traditional, wired battery monitoring systems. Real-time status is compared to battery confi guration settings and network parameter settings with deviations recorded in an events log and used to trigger e-mail or dry contact alarms. With a battery monitoring system, you can schedule battery replacement at convenient times and ensure that the system is fully charged and operational for peak or high-demand occasions.

  • Lifecycle management—in real time
  • Low cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Alarm via email & dry contact
  • Graphic LCD touch screen
  • Battery cycling data collection
  • History databases
  • Colorful bar/curve diagrams
  • Provides ethernet/RS485 for remote monitoring

The Staco FirstLine® BMS is ideal for monitoring all UPS batteries, especially those in mission critical areas like:

  • Data Centers
  • Computer Rooms
  • Network Closets
  • Healthcare
  • Environments
  • Assembly Lines
  • Life Safety Systems

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