Current Openings

Field Service Representative

12/01/2015 @ 7:30PM


Responsible for providing technical service support, preventative maintenance, field repair, and commissioning of a variety of voltage control and power quality equipment.  Also responsible for scheduling service calls with customers and meeting pre-scheduled preventative maintenance agreements.  Troubleshoots, tests, repairs and maintains a variety of electrical and mechanical equipment. Provides pre-sales and post sales technical support to the Staco sales team. This position requires limited travel.


1.    Responsible for final testing and inspection prior to shipping.
2.    Evaluate and perform corrective maintenance utilizing in-depth troubleshooting of a wide variety of equipment.
3.    Provide customer service over the telephone as required.
4.    Provide training to third party service providers as needed.
5.    Track and report service related problems including field repairs and factory returns.
6.    Provide feedback to Staco management for the purpose of customer satisfaction improvement.
7.    Provide input for the development of Field Service and Tech Support Policies and Procedures.
8.    Act as technical interface for customers and channel partners.
9.    Perform start up services on Staco regulator and UPS products at customer sites.
10.    Provide written reports for all repair activities including time sheets and expense reports to support the timely invoicing of customers.
11.    Other projects as assigned by Field Service Manager.


2 year technical degree in electronic or electrical engineering technology and one year of related experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Good understanding of power quality equipment. Working knowledge of electrical and electronic principles. Ability to read and interpret schematics, diagrams, specifications, and operation manuals.

To apply for this position, please go to http://stacoenergy.applicantpro.com/jobs/

Systems Assembler

10/27/2015 @ 2:30PM


Assemble and re-configure electronic assemblies, battery systems and subassemblies from prints, wire lists, schematics, diagrams, and to MIL-SPEC if required. Duties will include but are not limited to:  Special wiring, wiring harness construction, high quality soldering, component mounting, and mechanical construction of VT based and electronic units. Determine build quantity requirements to maintain target inventory levels.  Operations will require the proper use of soldering equipment, lifting and hoisting equipment, common hand tools and those hand tools peculiar to electrical wiring such as strippers and crimpers, power tools, jig and fixtures and scales and rulers.


Possess the ability to read blueprints and electrical schematics and follow wiring diagrams; to make solder and mechanical connections per MIL-SPEC as required; to read scales and rulers; to accurately identify colors. Must be physically able to perform the job duties of the classification.

How to Apply

If you are interested in a factory or professional position, please email your cover letter and resume in Microsoft® Word format to our Human Resources Manager at jobs@stacoenergy.com.

Now and through the years, Staco Energy Products Company has had the privilege of serving some of the finest companies in the world. We are proud of the relationships we've built with these companies, and with all of our customers. For a general list of our customers, click here. For a list of our Power Factor Correction customers, click here.

AAON Heating & Cooling Products

Industry leading HVAC manufacturer AAON in Tulsa, OK, needed electrical testing for a new product line and they chose Staco Energy Products.  Test stands with expanded testing capability were selected and purchased.

Hunter Mattocks, Director of Operations Development at the Tulsa plant said,

“We went with Staco because the test stands had the capability we needed, the products have a good reputation in the industry, and a strong personal relationship.”

The test systems come in two configurations and have the capability of three phase testing up to 444 Amps, 600 Volts, and 2 different frequencies; 50 and 60 Hertz.  The testers will be fully integrated into the production lines which are due to be fully operations later this year.

View the product at AAON, Inc here.

Pemex Oil and Gas, Mexico

Mexico's Government Pemex Oil uses specialty UPS and Regulator equipment to protect their refinery and other related petroleum high profile equipment.  Our StacoAVR regulator is placed in the bypass of the DSE UPS from AMETEK Solidstate Controls to provide clean continuous regulated power to the loads when the bypass is utilized within the UPS system.  The StacoAVR unit was chosen because we were able to meet the special color and technical design specifications required by Pemex to be used within their facilities.  Over the last 6 years, we have sold over 40 units of various Kva sizes and voltages for our customer Ametek and their end customer Pemex.

ITW Food Equipment Group

Project was for the replacement of a 25 year old Staco test system used to test large industrial/commercial dishwasher systems sold to universities, hospitals and large institutions. The new system allows testing of a 3-phase system from 180-623 volts and supporting up to a 262 kVA load at any voltage. (e.g. 727 amps @ 208Volts or 250 amps @ 623 Volts).

Stanford University (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, Calif., is home to a 2-mile-long linear accelerator — the longest linear accelerator in the world. This multipurpose laboratory for astrophysics, photon science, accelerator, and particle physics research is operated by Stanford University, but used by scientists from many countries. In fact, a few scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for work carried out at SLAC. With that kind of pedigree, it’s no surprise that data storage needs are taken very seriously on this campus. So when the facility was experiencing problems with harmonics a few years ago that affected the servers’ power supplies, Boris Ilinets, P.E., electrical engineer assigned to the data center, knew it was time for action.

While Ilinets looked at both passive and active harmonic filters, he opted for active filtering in this instance (10 50A and one 100A StacoSine active harmonic filters from Staco Energy Products Co.) due to the wide range of harmonics present from the servers, disc arrays and switches in the SLAC facility — plus installation was simpler and more cost-efficient. Most importantly, according to Ilinets, they automatically corrected the multiple harmonic orders that were present. Since installation, he’s seen no problems from harmonic distortion. “In a new facility, you can design passive filters on the front end — in an existing building with all equipment in place, however, it is not as easy,” explains Ilinets. Continue Reading...

PRES Energy

Healthy savings for a major pharmaceutical distribution center were the result of an Energy Initiative by PRES Energy, Dayton, Ohio. The company was able to shave nearly $40,000 (or 18%) annually from its utility costs due to upgrades to their HVAC control and correction of poor power factor. Not bad for a patient showing no symptoms.

Pres Energy worked with equipment provider Staco Energy Products, who then commissioned a power quality survey (sometimes called an audit or study) to be completed for the facility. PowerEdge Technologies installed metering analyzers within the plant that were left in place to collect data for one week. The data collected was used to build a “load profile” that allowed engineers to determine the extent of the power-usage inefficiencies, and whether harmonics or other power anomalies were present. All of this information was then factored into the proper location-specific solution. Continue Reading...

Critical Power Systems, Inc.

Demps E. Bannerman, PhD., E.E., Critical Power Systems, Inc., a Staco Energy reseller and service partner had the pleasure of performing a start-up of Staco's FirstLine P 125 kVA UPS at a military installation last week. "Having been in sales & Service of UPS systems since 1977, it rare that a real "gem" comes along! When it comes to a UPS--I would consider this as a gem."
Here's why Continue Reading...

San Diego Bay Area Electric, Inc. - Cinepolis Luxury Theaters

San Diego Bay Area Electric, Inc. specified and installed Staco's lighting inverter systems for the Cinepolis Luxury Theaters throughout Southern California. Since the installation, they have experienced two Utility failures at their Del Mar Project. Without fail Staco's inverter exceeded their expectations and outperformed their calculated battery run time in emergency mode. Dennis Phillips, President of San Diego Bay Area Electric, Inc., states, "IIn fact on the last power outage, it was hard to convince the patrons that there had been a utility failure, and they wanted to enjoy the lounge (which we lit with the inverter, as well as all other critical egress pathways).  Continue Reading...

Bountiful City Light & Power Company (BCP&L)

Bountiful City officials approved the purchase of a voltage regulator which will be a key component of a new control center for the entire power system of the Bountiful City Light & Power Company. By a unanimous vote the city council voted to accept a bid from Staco Energy Products of Ohio for the regulator. The equipment is expected to protect new electronic and control equipment which will make up the control center according to Allen Johnson director of BCL&P. Continue Reading...