Staco Energy Hires New Inside Sales Engineer - Chris Cleary

TO: All Staco Energy Products Co. Employees
FROM: Paul Heiligenberg
DATE: 09/25/14
SUBJECT: Organizational Announcement

I am pleased to announce that Chris Cleary will be joining the Staco Energy Products team as the Inside Sales Engineer (ISE) taking over what Tammy used to handle and covering a five state area for PPS projects reporting to me on October 1, 2014.

Chris has held various roles with independent Electrical Representative firms most recently with DEPCO in the state of Ohio selling electrical products such as our VT- PPS-AVR-UPS units in the past. His experience managing customers and working with multiple manufacturers in a high-stress changing environment will blend well with Staco’s environment for growth.

Chris has 20 years’ experience with business to business selling, contacting customers and prospects to offer a solution for a problem. Additionally 10 years of supplier quality assurance, supplier audits, and planning will allow him to grow well in Staco.

I believe working in multiple industries as a REP will blend well with Staco’s environment for growth.

Chris will have an office at Byers and will be extension 266. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Chris!

Tammy Grigsby will be taking on the primary focus for the (UPS, PFC, AHF) products which Kyle used to handle. These new areas of responsibility for both inside sales engineers will allow the best transition for them to learn all of our products efficiently.

Both ISE positions will support the RSM through product applications, technical support, and request for quote, documentation review and primary interface between the RSM’s and engineering and production. This transition will allow Tammy to extend her learning knowledge on the other PQ products as Chris comes into the fold on learning all of our products.


Paul Heiligenberg
Business Development Manager