10-40 kVA Three Phase, On-Line Double Conversion, Uninterruptable Power System

FirstLine PL/PLT

10-60 kVA
Three Phase, On-Line Double Conversion, Uninterruptible Power Supply

In the event of an AC power failure, the FirstLine® PL/PLT UPS will automatically transfer to battery power and continue to provide power without any interruption for the full amount of time you select. When power returns, the FirstLine®PL/PLT UPS will automatically recharge the batteries for the next unexpected power outage or disturbance.


  • Up to 94% Efficient
    • Lower energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Compact & Reliable
    • 10-60 kVA internal batteries allow smaller footprint
    • Cooler operation extends internal component life
  • AC Input Performance
    • High input power factor of 0.99
    • Low input current distortion of <= 1% (THDi) @ full load
    • Soft Start Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up
  • IGBT and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Reduces the impact of the UPS on the local supply
    • Simplifies installation where there is limited power capacity
  • Dual Input
    • Main power and secondary emergency standby power increase resilience of single or parallel system configuration
  • Adaptive Feed Cancellation
    • Advanced control with AFC forward cancellation technology for low harmonic distortion
  • Menu Select Display
    • User friendly display is easy to see and intuitive to use
  • Parallel up to 4 Units
    • Provides redundancy for mission critical applications with no additional hardware
    • Parallel Kit, Communication through CANBUS Parallel Card
  • Operates as a precision Power Conditioner
    • -0 models can operate as a Power Conditioner upgradeable to a UPS in the future
  • Frequency Conversion
    • All units can be set as a 50/60 hZ Frequency Converter
  • Nationwide Service Program
    • Factory trained service personnel maximize equipment life
    • Full start-up service & preventive maintenance lowers cost of ownership
  • Full Two Year Warranty
  • Medical
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Education
  • Government

*For more detailed application information, please refer to the following document: Application Drawings and Notes

Product Selector | Firstline PLT

Load kVA: 20
Input Voltage: 480
Output Voltage: 480Y/277
Internal Maintenance Bypass: Yes
Internal Batteries: HR1290W
Dimensions (H" x W" x D"): 72.4 x 23.1 x 34.5
Weight (lbs.): 1582
Battery Runtime @ 100% Load (Internal): 14
Load kVA: 20
Input Voltage: 480Y/277
Output Voltage: 480Y/277
Internal Maintenance Bypass: Yes
Internal Batteries: HR1290W
Dimensions (H" x W" x D"): 72.4 x 23.1 x 34.5
Weight (lbs.): 1582
Battery Runtime @ 100% Load (Internal): 14

Bypass Cabinet (Floor Mount): 40kVABypass Cabinet (Floor Mount): 50-60kVABypass Cabinet (Floor Mount): 80-100kVABypass Panel (Wall Mount): 10-60kVADistribution CabinetExtended Runtime Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-030-150-1-B-LB & FLP-BAT-030-150-1-N-LBExtended Runtime Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-040-150-1-B-LB & FLP-BAT-040-150-1-N-LBExternal Battery Cabinet: 40kVA, 90W BatteriesExternal Battery Cabinet: 10-15kVAExternal Battery Cabinet: 20-30kVAExternal Battery Cabinet: 40-50kVA, 150-200W BatteriesExternal Battery Cabinet: 60kVA, 150W BatteriesExternal Battery Cabinet: 80-100kVAExternal Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-###-###-#-CSExternal Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-###-###-#-CS55External Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-080-150-1-N & FLP-BAT-100-200-1-NExternal Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-080-150-2-B & FLP-BAT-100-200-2-BExternal Battery Cabinet: Models FLP-BAT-200-#-## - FLP-BAT-620-#-##FirstLine PL: 10-20kVA UPSFirstLine PL: 30-40kVA UPSFirstLine PLT: 10-20kVA UPSFirstLine PLT: 30-40kVA UPSFirstLine PLT: 50-60kVA UPSParallel Output Redundant Cabinet: 10-40kVAParallel Output Redundant Cabinet: Model FLP-10-POPC-5-R-4Y-2YRemote Status Alarm Panel: FLP-RSAPTop Cable Entry Cabinet: FLP-T-CECTransformer Cabinet: 10-15kVATransformer Cabinet: 20-30kVATransformer Cabinet: 40kVATransformer Cabinet: FLP-020-TC-4Y-4Y-MBPS-4YBTransformer Cabinet: FLP-030-TC-40-4Y-B-2ITransformer Cabinet: FLP-040-TC-4D-2Y-MBPS-2ITransformer Cabinet: FLP-040-TC-4D-4Y-B-4DBTTransformer Cabinet: FLU-020-MBPS-66Y-A61

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