Introducing StacoVAR® MV Medium Voltage Fixed Capacitor Banks Reactive Power Compensation & Harmonic Mitigation

September 25, 2012

Dayton, OH – Staco Energy Products introduces the StacoVAR® MV – a fixed power factor correction bank which provides power factor correction for fixed medium voltage applications (2400 & 4160 volt RMS). Each bank is equipped with three-phase, low loss (less than 0.2 watts/kvar) power capacitor units. These capacitors contain polypropylene film insulation; a non-PCB, biodegradable, dielectric fluid; and internal discharge resistors per IEEE Standard 18. StacoVAR® MV boasts rating ranges from 25 to 900 kVAR. Dry type, iron core reactors are available for harmonic rich environments. Availability is in-stock or fast delivery on most ratings.

The capacitor units are housed in a hermetically-sealed, type 409 stainless-steel enclosure. Each unit in the bank is protected by three current-limiting fuses, which are enclosed in a terminal box. The bank is suitable for indoor dustproof or outdoor weatherproof installation. Three fuses per unit provide maximum protection against case rupture should a fault occur.

StacoVAR® MV power factor capacitor banks can be used for power factor correction and, with the addition of the optional iron-core reactor, can be used in harmonic rich environments. The inductance of the reactor is selected such that the resonant frequency of the capacitor unit and the reactor is below the 5th harmonic.

”StacoVAR MV fixed capacitor banks are ideal when a small amount of fixed kvar is needed for 2300 or 4000 volt motors or on branch circuits that feed several motors with a relatively constant load”, says Rich Zuccaro, Staco Power Factor Program Manager.

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