Industrial Solutions

Staco Energy Products Co.

Our power protection options for facilities include:

  • Facility wide UPS systems
  • Emergency lighting UPS systems
  • Power factor and harmonic correction equipment
  • Voltage regulation equipment
  • Power conditioning equipment

Staco Energy Products Co. is a major provider of facility power protection equipment.

You can get:

  • Power factor correction equipment that lowers your utility bills and increases your electrical capacity
  • UPS systems to protect your facilities major operating systems, and provide the emergency lighting that is required by law for US public/commercial buildings
  • Regulators to keep your non-critical equipment like elevator banks running smoothly, with fewer repairs.

We also have partnerships and alliances with expert consulting and analysis companies that provide the in-depth understanding you need to get the most efficient, effective use and protection for your facility, and who can specify or recommend the most cost-effective and easy to implement solutions.




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