0-1000 VAC, up to 3500 kVA Provider Power System Test Sets:  Precise variable voltage power supply for all electrical testing application up to 4000amps

Staco PPS

Provider Power System test sets 0-1000 VAC, up to 3500 kVA
Precise variable voltage power supply for all electrical testing application up to 4000amps.

Staco Energy Products Co. has been supporting the power requirements of R&D labs for over 75 years.

  • Our PPS series provide precise voltage control for any electrical testing application.
  • Staco Energy Products' Provider Power Systems are custom engineered test sets offered in a standard, modular format. They can be ordered directly through the standard modules, or can be customized to meet your exacting specifications.
  • Our Provider Power Systems can be designed to accommodate the most basic or sophisticated test laboratory needs.
  • We offer a range of testing modules for OEMs, quality control, circuit breaker testing, HVAC, motor test and production, white goods, engineering/quality assurance labs, and product life cycle testing.



  • Fast lead times for custom work
  • Cost effective method of varying voltage
  • Based on mature, Variable Transformer (VT) technology
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership

Operating Benefits

  • Narrow or full range voltage control (0 - 600Vac)
  • Fractional to 1000 Amps
  • Motorized voltage control
  • Multiple frequency and voltage source
  • Contact or controller input and output
  • Local or remote control and communications
  • Monitoring for all power parameters
  • Modular design for complete customization
  • Low cost of ownership due to efficiency and virtually maintenance free operation
  • No waveform or harmonic distortion added

Standard Construction

  • Paralleling choke provides current balancing coils
  • Small footprint
  • Nickel-plated copper bus bar
  • Easy service access
  • All copper transformer construction

We offer a range of testing modules for:

  • OEMs
  • Quality Control
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • HVAC
  • Motor Test and Production
  • White Goods
  • Engineering/Quality Assurance Labs
  • Product Life Cycle Testing.

Drawing: Enclosed Isolation Transformer: 712-2056-E-6272Drawing: Enclosed Isolation Transformer: 712-2059-E-6264Drawing: PPS-12KZE0.7-6230Drawing: PPS-20KZE016Drawing: PPS-20NYE014Drawing: PPS-24KBE024-M-DVJ-DAFDrawing: PPS-24TBE166-6211Drawing: PPS-46MBE070-NTDrawing: PPS-46TBE035-NTDrawing: PPS-46TOE104-M-NTDrawing: PPS-48HOE035-MDrawing: PPS-48JBE035-MDrawing: PPS-48JBE070-MDrawing: PPS-48KOE008-6231Drawing: PPS-48KXN030-6235Drawing: PPS-48LBE035-5SECDrawing: PPS-48LBE035-O-6166Drawing: PPS-48LBE070-6190Drawing: PPS-48LBE101-DVE-6273Drawing: PPS-48LCE035-O-CSDrawing: PPS-48LCE070-MDrawing: PPS-48LCE313-M-6265Drawing: PPS-48LDE314-M-6397Drawing: PPS-48LEE349-MDrawing: PPS-48LFE363-MDrawing: PPS-48LGE118-M-6379Drawing: PPS-48LGE158-S-DY-6263Drawing: PPS-48LME104-M-NTDrawing: PPS-48LOE035-MDrawing: PPS-48LSE058-CDrawing: PPS-48LSE087-A-6204Drawing: PPS-48LTE110-A-6278Drawing: PPS-48LTE110A-6227Drawing: PPS-48LTE110A-6228Drawing: PPS-48LUE083-C-6287Drawing: PPS-48LUE249-C-6223Drawing: PPS-48LUE332-C-6222Drawing: PPS-48LUE415-C-6221Drawing: PPS-48LUE748-C-6220Drawing: PPS-48LXE101-6276Drawing: PPS-48MAE105Drawing: PPS-48MAE105-MDrawing: PPS-48MAE348-6165Drawing: PPS-48MBE244-MDrawing: PPS-48MBE305-DVE-6242Drawing: PPS-48MCE104-MDrawing: PPS-48MCE623-M-6260Drawing: PPS-48MFE218-M-6187Drawing: PPS-48MGE158-MDrawing: PPS-48MGE236-MDrawing: PPS-48MGE675-P-6224Drawing: PPS-48MJE112-M-208VLLDrawing: PPS-48MJE112-M-240VLLDrawing: PPS-48MJE112-M-277VDrawing: PPS-48MJE332-M-6240Drawing: PPS-48MME070-MDrawing: PPS-48MME139-MDrawing: PPS-48MOE070-P-6186Drawing: PPS-48MPE036-MDrawing: PPS-48MQE039-MDrawing: PPS-48MQE039-M-NTDrawing: PPS-48MQE079-MDrawing: PPS-48MSE034-LDrawing: PPS-48MSE034-MDrawing: PPS-48MSE058-LDrawing: PPS-48MSE116-LDrawing: PPS-48MSE145-MDrawing: PPS-48MTE158-M-6169Drawing: PPS-48MTE190-M-6168Drawing: PPS-48MTE407-MDrawing: PPS-48MUE160-C-6183Drawing: PPS-48MUE160-F-6181Drawing: PPS-48MUE166-J-6216Drawing: PPS-48MXE054-6213Drawing: PPS-48MXE104-M-6234Drawing: PPS-48MXE110-6214Drawing: PPS-48NBE209Drawing: PPS-48NSE087-ADrawing: PPS-48RS-175Drawing: PPS-48SGE118-MDrawing: PPS-48SPE145-MDrawing: PPS-48SQE275-MDrawing: PPS-48SSE034-MDrawing: PPS-48SSE035-MDrawing: PPS-48SSE101-MDrawing: PPS-48SSE105-A-6418Drawing: PPS-48SUE083-N-6203Drawing: PPS-48SUE166-N-6200Drawing: PPS-48SUE266-N-6201Drawing: PPS-48SUE498-N-6202Drawing: PPS-48TAE139-M-DAEDrawing: PPS-48TAE209-6241Drawing: PPS-48TBE035-M-CP-6189Drawing: PPS-48TBE070-NT-6254Drawing: PPS-48UNE416-6167Drawing: PPS-48XBE313-DVE-6163Drawing: PPS-5755Drawing: PPS-5960Drawing: PPS-6051Drawing: PPS-60KNE108-M-DVADrawing: PPS-60SGE127-MDrawing: PPS-60WEE291-M-AAFDrawing: PPS-6207-WR-200A-IPCDrawing: PPS-6244Drawing: PPS-6246Drawing: PPS-6250Drawing: PPS-6262Drawing: PPS-6266Drawing: PPS-6267Drawing: PPS-6281Drawing: PPS-6286Drawing: PPS-6290Drawing: PPS-6378-1PHASE-3000Example No Controller with 0-575 Volt Output: 48NBE175Example No Controller with Multiple Nominal Voltage Outputs: 48NSE034WExample with Controller: 48MSE058

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