Be Prepared: Operating, Renting, and Reselling - a Primer on Gensets and Load Banks, and the Companies that Supply Them

June 2014

Published in Business Energy Magazine by Daniel P Duffy

If severe weather teaches us anything, it reminds us of the fragility of the energy infrastructure that civilization depends on. From super storm “Sandy,” to the  recent brutal winter of 2014, the power of Mother Nature trumps human sophistication. As someone who has experienced a loss of electrical power in his  home for an extended period after a tornado, I have developed a keen appreciation for the role of electricity in our lives. It is not to be taken for granted, ever.  Until it happens to you, it is easy to forget how easily you can be thrown back a century technologically as a result of a storm. And that is just for individual’s  homes. These same storms can knock out power to critical industrial and commercial facilities as well, leading to significant secondary economic losses  ranging from the bursting of pipes that have been frozen due to lack of heat, to food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration. For these instances, small, mobile  electrical power sources called “gensets” and their associated equipment, load banks, are invaluable. Continue Reading...

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