FirstLine BMS-II

Wired Battery Monitoring System
Proactive battery monitoring and conditioning allowing longer life cycle of the typical battery string. 
FirstLine BMS-II allows seamless integration of other devices such as the UPS telemetry, ground fault detection, smoke detection and hydrogen detection using one IP address and GUI, graphical users interface.

Proactive real-time monitoring
Most battery monitoring systems were developed to allow the user to have real time feedback on the health of their battery system. The FirstLine BMS-II was developed with this in mind, however, it also allows the end user to condition and control their battery system , thus improving the life of the system. Too often a BMS is a reactionary device - discover a problem and then repair or replace the bad battery. The FirstLine BMS-II employs a Battery Analysis and Care System that constantly load levels the jars within the battery string, preventing the ill effects of diverging voltages and cell impedance. This proactive conditioning and cell balancing helps prolong the life of the battery system.

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