UPS Battery Analysis & Replacement

Battery life span is impacted by many factors including the environment in which it operates. Battery analysis is designed to identify cells that may be damaged or faulty due to heat, age, environmental conditions, or deterioration, which affect battery performance and to help keep products reliable throughout the duration of the battery life span.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive visual inspection of battery posts and connection points
  • Battery connection testing and re-torque to increase integrity of connections
  • Test report from a factory trained technician
  • Increases reliability of the equipment
  • Assures that the equipment tested meets product specifications during modes of operation
  • Proactive prevention of battery load issues
  • Cost savings in proactively finding weak batteries within the string before a failure occurs
  • Recommendations will be made regarding battery replacement
  • Flexible scheduling is available to minimize downtime and interruption of routine operations


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